What's New in Composting?

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Collecting organic matter and using it as a fertilizer is an old concept. Its origin can be tracked back to Roman times when farmers were building up a giant humus pile from the end of one season until the beginning of the next one. 

The rebirth of organic farming in the 20th Century brought the composting practice back to life. This naturally occurring method of breaking down waste and turning it into healthy soil proved to be not only efficient but also progressive because it reduces greenhouse emissions production. 

Apparently, composting is older than all of us the ecology enthusiasts. However, its value and its importance are amplified now in the age of the global warming crisis. Therefore, we witness a composting culture taking over areas of our lives different than farming: in our homes, in public spaces, and even in corporations. Nowadays shifts happen fast so don't miss out!

Composting Trends

aware step composting trends
We often talk on the blog about eco awareness and the little steps everyone can make on a daily level to minimize waste and pollution. And we know we're not the only ones throwing light on the eco-friendly topics. This is a positive sign that more and more people are making efforts to take responsibility about their outprint on the environment. 

As e result, there's a development of viral trends and movements such as the zero-waste movement! When it comes to composting, here's what we've observed through the last few years:

Biodegradable household products and packaging

Package-free is a big trend but when the wrapping and boxing can't be avoided, we frequently come along materials made of natural ingredients. These alternatives are not just wonderful for recycling, they can be thrown in a compost pile right away. 

The same can be done with plant based plates and cutlery, bags, toys, etc.

Home composting 

Composting is already extremely available and guides and tools are easy to find. Everyone with a keen interest of gardening can eliminate waste at home following simple rules. 


Owning the right equipment such as a kitchen top compost bin significantly helps with avoiding side effects like an unpleasant smell or a moist excess.

Government changes and regulations 

Although the popularity of composting at home and in the backyard is growing, many citizens don't realize they can do that. Here's when institutions step up by giving a good example or simply forcing the community to participate. 

A recent case of the efficiency of an urban recycling legislation is San Francisco's achievement of diverting more than 50% of its produced waste from the landfills.

Composting in the food service industries

Where else the food waste reaches critical heights if not in the restaurant and the food retail industries?

food waste

New generation of machines that are specifically aimed at reducing organic leftovers appear to be a ground breaking solution. Combined with controlled redistributing of food excess to unprivileged societies, these technologies might contribute to ending the global food waste crisis for good.


Don't despise little warms, the nastier they seem, the better work they do! Vermiculture scientists know this well.

The term vermiculture which literally means keeping worms is used to describe the type of composting that include warms' action.


This is how the benefits of the process is explained by gardeners of HappyDIYHome: "Enlisting worms to help with your composting can speed up the process and break down of the materials more efficiently. As the worms eat through the matter, they aerate it as they make their tunnels through it. This aids aerobic decomposition. They also enrich the mix with their excrement, which is an excellent soil amender. Worm poop or worm castings enhance the finished compost and make it particularly beneficial for soil and plants.".

The Latest Innovative Technologies

Now that we know the trends, how do we get the maximum of composting?

Depending on the surroundings and the purposes of the composting we do, these are some of the modern cutting edge tools we can pull out from the market.

solar compost

Solar Composting

This is an option that can be especially useful for creating large quantities of compost used in organic farming. Instead of using an electric composter for drying, grinding, and cooling processes, the technology can be run on sun power. 

Needless to say, this is a great energy efficient solution for industrial compost. Nevertheless, there are compost systems that are designed for backyard use as well.

Rapid Composting

As we get more advanced with composting, our needs parallelly increase. Now we want composting to happen fast and odorless. We also expect the  highest quality of the end product. Here comes the rapid composting technology enhanced with enzyme and sub-material.

It's truly amazing how speedy this method can be - some providers claim that their machines can produce nutritious compost for as fast as 3-8 hours.

Pet Poop Recyclers

These are self explanatory. We are already used to always carrying biodegradable dog waste bags, now we can go further and actually utilize the waste too. 

dog waste compost

A lot of pets owners include their pets' input into their compost piles carefully following instructions of how exactly it should be done. To make it easier, the Japanese company Tohoku Kankyo invented a dog robot trash can. To be continued...

Kitchen Compact Compost Robots 

This is our personal favorite. You can use it while you're cleaning and cooking without even leaving the kitchen. Convenient, low maintenance, and compact, this home utility is revolutionary.

kitchen compost system

We sincerely hope the technology will perfect with the time to a level it becomes a must-have component of every kitchen. It saves time, energy, space, and will certainly improve your overall household waste rate.

Mini Compost Flower Systems

If you are a friend and admirer of flowers, you surely have a sophisticated aesthetic sense. In that case, this cute compost tool and decoration, all-in-one, is the best choice for you.

flower compost system

With the flower system you don't need to separate the composting and the fertilizing operations anymore, they're conjoined and happening at the same place


As natural as it is, the composting process can also be modernized and adjusted to our needs. With access to it for everyone, in all conditions, there's nothing left to stop us from doing it.



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