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Saying Welcome To The New Shop was simply irresistible. Aware Step - officially done.

The story of this compact online store is not long or fascinating because we were born from a lack of complication. Or at least that's what we're striving for. 

The point is: yes, generally speaking, we live in a technologically advanced time and our modern world is often cruel to nature, however, we don't mean any harm, at least most of us don't. Then, are we supposed to fight against, or should we live in a primitive way? And what if we don't feel like that, and meanwhile we still care?

Those are fundamental questions and everyone has the right to bring their own interpretation. What we've found out here in Aware Step for ourselves is that tolerance is our wisest teacher and when it comes to ecology, health, spirit, and wellbeing awareness, we prefer to grow it than to throw it.

Making responsible choices every day definitely overrides battles of disapproval of cruelty against Earth. We're all in this together in the end, and yet everyone is only accountable for their own deeds.

So the popular view here is to live and let live. Still, there's another issue: isn't it way too problematic and expensive to make clean choices? Doesn't it belong to other people who are "dedicated"? All these eco-friendly terminologies just sound too distant and confusing. And here's the exact concept we want to prove wrong! 

Making small changes in your life in order to protect the environment is never complicated and is not a privilege, neither a burden and a duty. We put the word step in our shop name because a step is such a short and easy move but it gives so much freedom and flexibility. Similarly, deciding what to do, and what to buy aligned with your state of mind is pleasurable and fulfilling. But most of all it's straightforward and available for everyone.

We're here to suggest easy and enjoyable products and ideas. Thank you for starting this journey with us!

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