Throw An Epic Party And Still Remain A Friend of The Environment

Throw An Epic Party And Still Remain A Friend of The Environment

December is a classic celebration month and even if you're not exactly a Christian or family-oriented, the moods in the atmosphere are just asking for a party. Sometimes the whole meaning of throwing a party is avoiding Christmas lethargy. 

Whatever the case is, send the year away properly and be generous because new extremely exciting things are approaching. Do you need to spend too much, do you have to create a big pile of toxic litter, will you consume too much? No. 

Here we organized a list of smart steps you can take and turn your old plastic habits into safe and sustainable entertainment. 

Reuse Decoration

Throw An Epic Party And Still Remain A Friend of The Environment

Holidays go together with creating an exceptional festive setting. Now, let's not lie, the majority of party supplies are plastic. Imagine one of those specialized decoration stores, they look like entirely separate sparkling plastic planets. Once upon a time that would attract and stimulate but those times are gone. Today, we've come to the realization, all that blink-blink creates more pollution than joy.

Zero-waste and low-impact movements are here to remind us of the consequences of the little party pleasures we take for granted.

However, you can't pretend plastic doesn't exist and if you already own tons of it, turn that into your favor. An easy tip for creating a fresh holiday look of your place is swapping your whole decoration from previous years with someone else's. That could be your friend's or your neighbor's items or even a stranger's. It's not an issue to find the right people who will go for such an initiative, we've done it a couple of times by putting a notice on the web.

Apart from swapping your decoration supplies with different ones, you can also modify them, mix and match, adapt them, adjust them, redo them, and practice all kinds of DIY activities on them, you'll be surprised how much potential will be flooding all over the place!

Select Wisely and Compost

Throw An Epic Party And Still Remain A Friend of The Environment

You have the option to give preference to biodegradable and non-toxic party equipment, so why not?

Modern forward-looking people are all focused in that direction: make plant-based tumblers, cutlery, and plates, separate waste, compost; give Earth a breath of fresh air. 

If finding a brand that produces sustainable single-use materials is complicated for you, then consider not using single-use stuff. For example, stainless steel is an excellent durable metal that has a long life and is relatively easy to clean and maintain. In case you find it dull, think again, there are tricks to make it look gorgeous and even add a personal touch to it. Enamel is not bad and offers varieties as well.

Another cool eco-friendly trend is using jars for multiple purposes, in making jars look pretty you can let your imagination run wild. What about the food? It depends on the style of the dishes you're serving but there are always possibilities. Having that in mind, a funky substitute for using plates is making popsicles! 

We understand that none of these ideas might be the appropriate choice for your particular party. If that's the story, then just get all paper items, as they are the recyclable ones.

Wrap Plainly and Beautifully

Throw An Epic Party And Still Remain A Friend of The Environment

This year we bumped into multiple examples of gifts wraps, boxes and covers that don't contain any plastic! Our first choice again is using all kinds of naturally growing things. In the end, where do you think the ideas of creating anything came from?

If you want a rope or a ribbon, make one from a plant. Wreaths will do a great job for all occasions, you can knit them with flowers, twine them with leaves and branches, anything goes. Improvise with colors and designs on kraft and rice paper. Remember, woods and cones have a special cozy appeal on Christmas!

All these exercises will save you the exposure to lots of chemicals and in addition, you will remain gentle to the environment, we all agree she deserves that.

Oh, and when that significant moment when you feel like bursting in euphoria comes, you can sprinkle some petals or organic leaves confetti in the skies! As for the traditional balloons, paper lanterns prove to be a cleaner, practical, and more enchanting alternative.







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