How a Virus Became a Viral Call for Humility

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The world has changed drastically in the last days, some of us expected it and others didn't believe it until the last second. There's a new virus dictating the rules now and whether we like it or not we have to obey.

We don't want to speculate around the causes and the effects of the COVID-19 disease or judge the measures taken by societies in different countries but it's fascinating to observe the layers of our existence being peeled off.

Nature will exist without us however, we can't be without it. Our recent situation reminds us of how fragile is our life and the new lifestyle we're forced into, raises the question of whether we were moving on a good path at all before this happened. 

How a Virus Became a Viral Call for Humility

Many popular people around the globe expressed their views on the pandemic meaning for humanity including Germany coach Joackim Leow who called the virus outbreak "Earth defending itself a bit against people who always think that they can do everything and know everything". He also reckons that the world has experienced a collective burnout.

In resonance with his insight, we decided to delve into the subject and analyze how restrictions make us look inward ourselves more. Besides, on a positive note, these recent rules help us keep the environment cleaner. Here are some examples:

Less Consumerism

How a Virus Became a Viral Call for Humility

Presently, buying and owning stuff is provoked by our desires rather than by our needs for a long time. This tendency to want and never be satisfied enough has been building up gradually and modern people basically forgot what is it to have just enough.

At the other end of the spectrum, though, there's a population of millions who live below the line of poverty. So, isn't it the most natural thing to share what we don't really sincerely enjoy with those who desperately need it? It sounds pretty clear but it takes a health crisis to completely convince us that we actually can be content with much fewer belongings and quite basic surroundings. Not to mention, how grateful the environment will be!

More Hygiene

How a Virus Became a Viral Call for Humility

Let's look at hygiene as a more generalized notion and not just related to our body. Do we wash away clutter and unnecessary elements from ourselves regularly? It's plainly not only physical; our relationship with harmful attitudes has to be altered on different levels.

Just as we're recently learning to draw lines around us, wash hands and emphasize self-care fighting the novel disease, it would be worthwhile to borrow the very same principles in our daily routine regarding our psychological and spiritual wellbeing. 

Last but not least, we're not alone on this planet, therefore, whenever we leave something impure behind, or piece of plastic, for instance, someone will certainly have to deal with it sooner or later.

Social Responsibility

How a Virus Became a Viral Call for Humility

This is a big one! Humanity coming together while being separated under the current circumstances is a delightful phenomenon. We hear various experts dissecting the term social responsibility for the public at every appropriate occasion. "You have to protect each other," they say. 

Reality is, there's nothing we truly have to do, we will only commit to doing it if we want, it's our own compassion, understanding, and will. This is an extraordinary historical moment when we have the chance to overthink and reevaluate the moral choices we make that indirectly concern other people.

Quiet Time

Is it a curse or a blessing? And most importantly, if its a curse, how did we reach this condition in which we can't stand being on our own without never-ending mental stimuli? 

After hearing countless advice about what should we do now when we're stuck home, after collecting all the movies recommendations, after starting several new hobbies, and after rediscovering the people we, by the way, live with and realizing they're nice, we ask ourselves where were we by now, how come we were so busy that we totally neglected all these things? Optimistically, we will insist on still having our quiet time even when the virus becomes a distant memory.

Making Our Own

How a Virus Became a Viral Call for Humility

Making your own is a movement, something like the zero waste movement, in fact, often the two overlap. Apparently, the philosophy behind it is about dedicating time and energy for using an item we already own or an item we made ourselves instead of buying a new one. Such items could be coffee mugs, cutlery, household tools, accessories, etc. 

In the present conditions, we see lots of people choosing to sew their masks, using old gloves, and utilizing stuff they already have because they're limited in their movement and their shopping. Of course, this means less trash, more space, and a breath of fresh air for nature.

As a reminder, we don't intend to say don't buy anything, we only wish for shifting to a more modest and humbler mindset.

Health and Travel 

How a Virus Became a Viral Call for Humility

We put health and travel in the same category and yet, are they equivalent to each other? Not always. We're witnessing now how for health reasons a lot of us can't travel or in other words, fulfill their expectations.

On the other hand, the lack of transport created less pollution and we were finally able to see cloudless skies and clear horizons ahead. Then, we couldn't help wondering if we absolutely need to be so mobile all the time. Did travel become our caprice? And, back to health, when we go hiking, why do we sometimes do it only halfway and always keep the car nearby?


How a Virus Became a Viral Call for Humility

Eventually, all these are only touchpoints and we consider them food for thought and not statements.

We all will wait until the virus situation is over and will carry on. Our status won't remain the same, though; in the best-case scenario, we will go for a sustainable outcome. Whatever's next, hopefully, we will have our belief system elevated as a reward.


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