The New Earth, the Sun, and the Moon in Your Garden

Aware Step Gardening

We bet that even if you've never done it before, now it has crossed your mind - dedicating time and space for gardening! Could it be your hobby, personal project, classroom, or your dear meditation practice? No matter how you see it, it's a truly rewarding experience.

In the spirit of the zero waste movement, we have the Do Your Own, Bring Your Own, and Use Your Own trends, now it's time for the Grow Your Own! Of course, it's not about the fact it's your own but about the activity itself and being present and once again close to Earth.

In these days of isolation, we're witnessing thought-provoking transformations in ourselves and some of them are revivingly positive. Creating a flourishing home is a big one! No surprise we're observing a phenomenal rise in gardening recently. There are so many benefits seeded in between the plants!

Are you curious about the well-forgotten old-new green breakthrough? 

Urban Gardening

Aware Step Gardening

Yes, in the past it was considered that you need a proper backyard in order to start a garden but nowadays when the biggest part of the world population is urbanized, all kinds of terrain are accepted to serve as gardening fields.

It's even an exception to find a home or an office space without any plants, the more chlorophyll we are surrounded by, the better! The oxygen release our flowers give us is not the only added bonus, rooms are simply comfier when they're decorated with taste and life. 

The term urban gardening is becoming more prominent and applies to all enthusiasts who dare to plant away from the countryside utilizing the full potential of small spaces smartly. Apparently, this type of innovators often get the prize of eating homemade vegetables with fresh herbs.

Another favorable aspect of growing plants in the city is revitalizing the good old neighbors' relationships. As funny as it is, we forgot how people who live close to us are supposed to be our friends instead of distant strangers and we belong to the same community. Working on similar home projects with them is an excellent reminder of this.

Growing and Mental Health

Aware Step Gardening

This is not some exclusive new information, however, it's worth mentioning. Gardening has an unmistakable soothing effect and brings peace to our lives. Monitoring the progress of a living being reliefs stress and helps us remember how we're all part of a biological system that supports us and wants us to bloom.

Taking care of plants requires attention and being in the moment which is a fundamental factor for humans' wellbeing, that's why it's not a coincidence meditation and recreation practices are usually based on a focus on the now. Moreover, nurturing is always an act of giving and receiving at the same time.

In addition to the view that gardening is grounding us, here's a conclusion on the topic by Thrive, a U.K. based organization for therapeutic gardening and horticulture,  "While gardens can be relaxing, they can also be places where our efforts result in a real sense of achievement, boosting confidence and self-esteem.".

Flora Education 

Aware Step Gardening

Imagine you're a child again and rather than sitting in class and listen, you see with your own eyes how things grow. This is a miraculous shift that will certainly leave a mark on your heart. Science is powerful and can definitely be fun when you're experimenting, in the end, this is how inventions are made, by playing and testing, with tons of creativity and curiosity by your side. Even as an adult your sense of discovery is leading the way!

In fact, in periods we're obliged to stay home for long, we appreciate how important is the sun for our wellbeing too, it's not just for the flowers.

Now imagine even further, how you introduce gardening to your children or to any children. Isn't it a fantastic idea to provoke them to learn and even start their very own projects, following step by step the process of birth? On top of that by sending them to the garden you will have more precious time for yourself. :)

Possibly, you can also teach them the advantages of composting and turn them into brilliant little alchemists. 

Reflecting the Moon

Aware Step Gardening

Last but not least, as living beings we're not just connected to the Earth and the sun but to the moon as well. Gardeners are well aware of this and many of them follow the phases of the night celestial body strictly.

Partially, the logic behind moon gardening is that the moon influences the rise and fall of the tides the same way it does with gravitational effect on the moisture in plants and soil. 

The concept is ancient and as a matter of fact, is still being developed. In a nutshell, for beginners: when the moon grows, grow, when it's fading, rest!. If you're interested in checking the current moon cycle, you can do it here.

Aware Step Gardening

As a final thought, growing plants is not new but is evergreen. Thankfully, the knowledge is not lost yet and it's better to acquire it later than never. There are so many dimensions of gardening - a hobby, decoration, dedication, a lesson, healthy frequency, tranquility, vibrating with Earth. Or should we say the New Earth?


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