The Art of Green Gifting

green gifts

Imagine you were lost on an abandoned island with nothing to eat or drink. You looked everywhere, behind every tree, under each rock, and even in the water, searching for substantial food to keep you alive. The only thing you found that didn't seem dangerous was some kind of weird berries. Without hesitating, you started munching on them, in fact, you were starving so you ate big quantities. 

Moment after moment you began to feel better. After a few hours, you became so energized and happy as you've never been before. The berries were lifesavers, you found your way and survived this peculiar situation. Now you're back home and you want to keep feeding on the berries and share their wisdom with everyone you know. But how would you make people eat berries? Certainly, not by telling them to do so.

We only made up this story to illustrate how sometimes, healthy doesn't look attractive. However, it's a smart move to convince in a subtle way, you know it's for the good of all. 

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Thanks to platforms like ours and many others, whenever you feel loving and generous, you can choose smartly. Buy gifts that are practical and beautiful, but also respectful to the nature - in an old fashion, we call them green. Green is ethical, nontoxic, sustainable, and creates less waste. Green is sensible and dazzling!

When to Make a Green Gift

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When not to? Don't ever be afraid to share your eco-awareness. Just as a regular gift, a green gift can be given with or without occasion. What's more important is whether you know the preferences of the person who will receive the item. 

Honor their interests! Having said that, according to a Canadian research, we make the best gift choices when we pick for ourselves. Therefore, it's recommended to find something in common with the recipient instead of shooting in the dark.

For instance, if you and your girlfriend are both into fashion, recognize her refined aesthetic sense. Present her the option to wear sustainable garments by getting her a lovely organic piece, or, alternatively, pick something absolutely unique for her from a thrift store. Next thing you know, she's incorporating new green practices into her style.

How to Introduce It

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Remember, nobody likes mentoring. So let the gift you've chosen speak for itself. Try being objective as possible and carefully explain what are the features of the product you're giving away. It would help, though, if you have the same or a similar one that you can point at.

We're all constantly comparing users' reviews. Ironically, often we look at others to justify our own selection of goods. It's only natural then, that social proof is among the most powerful techniques used in marketing. 

Next, point at the real tangible results: "I ate berries and here's exactly what happened to me. Isn't it obvious?"

When it comes to Earth's problems, we can be quite ignorant thinking the issue is too big for a little fragile fraction of the Universe as ourselves. Well, there are plenty of positive examples proving this attitude is wrong - as many as the plastics in the sea. Including a lunchbox in your daily carry-on luggage eliminates the need to use plastic containers for take out-food. Going to the grocery with tote bags saves around 4,5 plastic bags. Buying high-quality apparel made of natural fabrics for you and your family makes fast fashion cheap items useless.

In short, share your knowledge without being judging or condescending, like a curious and sincere child. 

Why a Different Gift

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It's not just best for the environment, it's also great for you. Zero waste and eco-friendly are trends that luckily won't get old, from now on, they will only go up.

In the end, green gifts are nothing new under the sun, they're just products variations that are not harmful. Usually, consumers are not even aware of the difference. All the sustainability industry is asking for, is to keep the details in mind. Will you prefer a wooden toy or a rubber pacifier? If you happen to buy a present for a child, you're free to decide according to your beliefs. Lead by example and let others discover the advantages of clean production on their own.

Lastly, being a part of the circular economy is a fantastic way to impress. As a rule, being different is spectacular but what's even more outstanding is synchronizing with our natural state of existence. It sounds silly, but it's true that in the hectic times we live, we're out of touch with nature most of the time. Little gestures like gifting organic stuff to your loved ones might help them tap into the insight of their roots and essence again.               

What to Give

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Anything you like! You might be surprised how in absolutely each category of products - for the home, for pets, travel accessories, clothes, in all, there are always green options. Just look for them. If you're here, then you already understand how precious is to pass on your eco-awareness. 

Let's start from the ladies. There's a deep meaning and symbology in crystals and fine metals. They come from the ground and help us balance our frequency and equilibrium. A bracelet is an easy to accommodate accessory and can be customized with a personal message. 

If you're looking for a gender neutral souvenir, choose stone or iron material. Regarding to the color, the only thing that matters is the emotion you wish to convey. Forget about rules like bright shades are for young and the darker for old people. Those are outdated and limiting beliefs. 

In case you're visiting a whole family, get them what they can all enjoy together such as elegant tableware or some cozy home decoration

If you have the time, get creative and inventive. It would be amazing to make a DIY gift, poster, or a collage. Is it green? Sure it can be, you're the director.

Finally, remember, the good old cliche that gestures matter more than words and belongings, it's still true. Enjoy the art of green gifting, eat healthy berries, and stay generous!


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