Sustainability Your Style - Easier Than You Thought

Sustainable fashion is among the most searched terms in the clothing industry for the last few years. Despite the rapid growth of fast fashion, more and more people become seriously concerned about their impact on nature.

The production of synthetic, cheap garments doubled and is on its way to triple as consumers are now used to a lifestyle where everything is temporary, if it's out of style, we just throw it. This system has dramatic flaws - there's an enormous demand for resources and an extremely short life of the production. Fast fashion items are not truly recyclable or biodegradable and won't be until we incorporate new concepts in the industry such as advanced technologies, developing cleaner fibers, and establishing green working standards.

Still, sustainable fashion is a reality here and now and it doesn't mean just buying clothes made of organic fabrics. It's a lifestyle. Here's when you can blend your style with a culture of sustainability.

When You Look Inside Your Wardrobe

Look closely and reevaluate your wardrobe. What's already there? Even if what you see is not all organic, it doesn't mean it's useless; wear it again in a different way, redesign it, use your imagination! Another trick is to combine it with something you didn't think of before or match it with an appealing accessory.

After you've finished the creative work and there's still material, consider swapping outfits with friends and giving away clothes for charity. And remember, you're not guilty about already having too much, that's a part of the old world we were all raised in, you're only responsible for your future choices.

When You Renew Your Wardrobe

First, have some valuable answers at hand; being well informed always helps. Know the compostable and clean fabrics like hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, wool, etc. Choose quality over quantity and learn where you can find ethically made clothes. You'll be surprised how many designers have turned to sustainability which means you won't have to compromise with your style.

Then, ask yourself questions - how long will you wear it, do you really need it and would it fit your lifestyle. It's like choosing what to eat, you know what's good for you! A smart approach is to pick versatile and trans-seasonal pieces.

When You Explore

There's a whole other universe out there away from traditional stores, especially if you're the adventurous type who enjoys hunting for treasures. Apart from second-hand and vintage sources, there are also swapping and thrifting places. Some of them have online platforms which makes it even easier. For exquisite brands, look for consignment shops; for single special and official occasions why not renting a dress or a tuxedo?

It's not dirty or unprestigious to buy from such stores, a lot of the items there are new or almost unworn but above all, they're usually unique and precious.

When You Already Have What You Need

Sustainable Fashion

Now you're done with refreshing your closet and probably you invested well in high-quality slow fashion. If it's really slow, though, have it for longer. Eventually, this will save you money, too. We tend to disrespect cheap clothes because we can always throw them and get new ones, however, we will benefit more if we follow the principle less is more.

The good old habits of sewing and handwashing are fabulous and yet if you don't have enough time for that, just take proper care for your wardrobe as much as you can. 

Last but not least, support terrific brands even if they're not popular and keep in mind that just like healthy food is not tasteless, organic clothing is not ugly. Happy shopping!





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