QUIZ: It's Women's Month! Which Type of Woman Eco Influencer is Your Best Match?

We absolutely respect all eco-activists - men, women, everyone. And yet, for the sake of March being the international month of women, we'd like to honor women in particular.

Feminine, generous, and inspiring, they have their individual strategies to grab our attention. Presumably, no one can cover all the layers and aspects of making our planet a healthier place to live. There are gardeners, vegans, permaculture volunteers, zero waste enthusiasts, you name it! There's also their unique tone, their style, and their appeal. When you draw the line in the end, we're all in this together as small fragments moving in multiple directions.

Our job is to follow and relate to all types of eco awareness influencers. To make it easier for you, we decided to give you a tool to find your most compatible niche and your favorite ambassador. So, go ahead, do the quiz and get spurred!

Question 1: You've finally reached your dream vacation destination and it's better than you've imagined it. Your first thought is:

A) This place is so exotic, I wonder what are those fruits over there!

B) I hope I can find a wild animals reserve around here.

C) I like how the locals build everything with natural materials.

D) Cool, there's a bamboo clothing store.

E) I can't stop using my plant recognition app!

Question 2: You've been starving for a while and you're going to have a succulent lunch now. What is it?

A) All the fresh treats I found at the market. I'm going to improvise with them.

B) A hearty sandwich and some fruits from my backpack.

C) The bestseller in the famous vegan/organic restaurant downtown.

D) Something on the way to the tailor/outlet. 

E) No, I don't eat succulents, I grow them. I will pick a yummy dish in the local homestyle food place.

Question 3: You want to explore now. There are many tours and experiences you can book, which one would you choose?

A)  A cooking class.

B) Safari in the wild.

C) Cleaning the beach as a volunteer.

D) Photo shoot with local dresses.

E) A visit to a herbal cosmetics factory.

Question 4: Will you find a little time for sport during your vacation?

A) Maybe but it's not mandatory. I just don't overeat. I don't gain weight.

B) Hiking is my sport.

C) Yes, definitely, I bring my routine with me everywhere I go.

D) My schedule is full and I didn't bring exercise outfit, so probably not.

E) I don't need to exercise, I'm always out, improving something, and on the go.

Last Question: What are you going to miss the most from this lovely place?

A) The cuisine and the spicy seasonings.

B) The nature.

C) The simple way of life.

D) The traditions and the style of this place.

E) The greens! 


If you have answered the most with

A) You'll find much in common with Maxi's Kitchen. Maxi AKA Maxine Sharf is a New York girl that carries a whole spectrum of flavors, cultures, and culinary adventures with her. She's family oriented but playful, modern and genuine - a fusion of healthy recipes and a clean stylish presentation.

cooking blog
B) Patch the World will win your heart. Patch was initially the nickname of Megan, an animal lover who became a ranger and recently started her own sustainability business. if you enjoy learning and specifically investigating nature, you will find the information posted on Patch the World channels incredibly useful. 
Feel free to follow Megan for fun or if you'd like to gain helpful advice about career in conservation.
conservation blog

C) Remember the name Akua Yamoah Opoku! Yes, it might sound comlicated but that's not the case with Akua's blog. Akua values minimalism and implements the clutter-free philosophy in every aspect of her life. Her dreams are big and her style is inclusive. Everyone is invited to participate in the mission of leaving the planet we were born on cleaner than we've found it

waste free blog
D) Get inventive and conscious about fashion with Fabulous Miss K! Her real name is Karen James-Welton and she has an impressive experience as a vintage stylist. After being in the inner circle of icons in the designers industry for a while, she's now dedicated to sustainable fashion more than ever. Karen's mantra is not a secret - Vintage for Everyone.
sustainable fashion blog

E) No time to waste, if you're into plants, Rachel Grows is the blog for you. Your blogger's name is Rachel, correct, and she grows like a pro! In fact, she calls her passion for gardening an obsession. For sure it's not that bad, considering the treasures she produces, all of them entirely organic and full of life and vibrant colors.

garden blog

Note: None of the featured blogs suggestions is sponsored. We just like those gals!

Of course, this exercise is mainly for fun purposes because there are thousands and millions of other people you may choose to follow. Stay true to  yourself and your aspirations and discover them!

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