Plan a Clean, Fun, and Zero Waste Wedding

So you took the big decision, and the important day is coming. What's next? Even if you delegate all the arrangements around your wedding to an agency, you still got to have the concept. We'll give you a tiny tip: make sure everything is as clean and natural as possible. Trust us, starting from there, you can go a long way with grace and originality.

Devious pandemic has a pleasant side after all - it made us more inventive, searching alternatives, and even more respectful of the environment. Amusingly, old trends are coming back and minimalistic visions are in fashion. 

We've collected a bunch of ideas and tricks that will not only make your wedding more sustainable, but will carry back the charm and authenticity to your celebration. Here's how to craft a unique green party to remember!


Most of the people spend fortunes on their wedding outfits and never wear them again. We live in times when is not likely to pass on your princess dress to your daughter, but you can give it away to someone who really likes it! Similarly, you can rent or buy clothes from a secondhand store. 

If you work with a tailor, invest in natural fabrics like linen, cotton, or silk, for an example. Later on, there's always the opportunity to redesign them and reimagine them in different shapes.

Another technique you can take advantage of is DIY. No, we don't want to steal the business of wedding agencies, but we encourage you if you have the time to go for it. Turn the preparation for your wedding into a sweet ritual. The first of the many to come...

Three things you can do yourself: the invitations, the little symbolic gifts for the guests, and the decoration. You can always go for paperless invitations - they're convenient and easy to track. However, if you insist on the traditional type of formal letter, pick recycled paper, and in case you're feeling extra creative, write on each one by hand.

Feel free to let your imagination overflow with the gifts. Pick a theme and then compress its meaning into a captivating item that your friends and family will fall in love with. Our advice is to use wood, iron, stone, and crystals mixed with what you find in craft-and-hobby supplies stores.

Regarding the gifts you're receiving, there's nothing wrong with hinting to your guests about what you actually prefer. Maybe you have too much stuff and now what you crave for is experiences - say it!

wedding flowers

Decoration-wise, yes, natural flowers are a no-brainer but they can be expensive. Nothing can stop you from drying flowers and other plants for a while and use them as well. Also, avoid plastic and any synthetic fabrics or foams - there are alternatives like pure oils, organic pigments, dying pastes, and wax. Never underestimate what you can find in your attic and you already own. Remember, it's not about being cheap, you can still pay to professionals to do the job. We only promote utilizing materials that are available and instead of tossing  them, you can give them new life.


Maybe we're subjective, but we believe the best location for a wedding is outside. It's romantic, airy, and energy saving. If you have to include anything single-use anyway, choose the least toxic alternative such as cardboard,recyclable materials, bamboo.

The food! That's a whole new article but to put it shortly - eat local and only the best quality. Especially on the big day, right? Your precious guests will appreciate your efforts of assembling the most delicious menu, which is sustainable at the same time. Leave out processed products from the plates and, if that's an option, compost the leftovers. Something else we've heard that catering companies do is donating the excess of food. 


We spoke about the leftovers, and we mentioned decoration. If you've turned clutter into decoration, now it's not clutter. Don't just throw it after all! A decorator might be interested to beautify another wedding with it.

It's your celebration and when it ends, it's still you who that dictates the rules. Don't just expect but require efficient waste management and harmless cleaning. 

Now that it's over, you can relax, release all the powerful emotions, and liberate yourself and your lover on the most blissful honeymoon ever. Enjoy!



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