Ten Eco-friendly Jewels Inspirited by Japanese Culture

Japanese eco-friendly products

Modest, yet incredibly advanced, Japanese culture is a manifestation of pure eternal wisdom. We're all perfectly aware of the higher state of precision and efficiency typical for the Japanese people and their work. As a matter of fact, you can sense you've entered an exceptional dimension at the moment your feet approach the Japanese border. Everything suddenly just starts operating so fast and smoothly!

Apparently, we are not just awed by the Japanese talent and productivity but also by the refined values honored in this old glorious country. Value number one is harmony, harmony with nature above all.

This consciousness is reflected in all Japanese religious and spiritual practices: in traditional and in Zen Buddism mindfulness, meditation, and simple lifestyle are promoted, while Shinto followers worship the most the forces of nature.

Essentially, respect and love for Earth are thе unifying elements that sustain the cultural heritage of Japan. You can feel them in the unique style of Japanese gardening, in the calligraphy, and in Ikebana.

Carried forward through the generations, the tradition of noninterference with nature, and being a friend of Earth is still alive today. It totally corresponds with the eco-friendly and the low-impact movement which is why we decided to make this list of nine Japan influenced excellent green products that you might want to incorporate into your lifestyle.

1. Bamboo Steamer

Japanese eco-friendly products

We all know the countless advantages of bamboo material. Its popularity is spreading and nowadays this is among the most preferred materials used in kitchen interiors - it's sustainable, durable, strong, and very environmentally friendly. All that, combined with the health benefits of steamed food, makes the classic Asian cooking tool a must-have "apparatus". Don't worry, though, the bamboo steamer is extremely easy to use.

2. Tote Folding Shopping Bag

Japanese eco-friendly products

We don't claim tote bags were first introduced to the world by Japanese scientists or anything like that but they are definitely famous in Japan. And when something is famous there, its impact is likely going to be huge.

Tote bags are an eco-friendly way to abandon plastic bags because they are reusable and usually made of green fabrics. Apart from that, there are plenty of varieties on the tote bags market so you won't ever have to compromise your style.

3. Thermos

Japanese eco-friendly products

The thermos archetype was invented by Scottish scientist Sir James Dewar.  in 1892. With the arrival of the 20th Century, one thing led to another and soon the insulated bottle got a patent and slowly started conquering the world. 

Nowadays the technology of the vacuum flask insulation is largely used by thousands of different companies producing tea and coffee bottles. Again, it's not a solely Japanese thing but in Japan without a doubt the number of consumers who own such a bottle is massive! It's just a part of the tea-drinking and the hot water-drinking culture so typical for the country.

4. Kendama

Japanese eco-friendly products

This is the modern Japanese version of the Ball-and-Cup drinking game which was known for hundreds of years. Recently, it's been developed with new tricks and therefore became more interesting. Kendama is now played in many countries in teams and tournaments.

The reason why we consider it eco-friendly is that all the equipment used for practicing the game consists of two simple wooden parts. It's fun!

5. Iron Grill Pan

Japanese eco-friendly products

The grill pan is a smart, energy-efficient, and cleaner alternative of the classic barbeque. It also saves you space with its convenient size and design. The truth is, in a pan like that, anything goes: meat, vegetables, cheese, bread, sweets, you name it. It's also built of pure heat resistant iron which is strong and will go a long way, so no need to upgrade or look for new alternatives.

The iron grill pan, just like everything Japanese, is fast and intelligent, period.

6. Konjak Sponge

Japanese eco-friendly products

Konjak is the name of the plant which is the vegetable ingredient of the 100% plant-based konjac sponge. Kojan sponge is obviously biodegradable and green but on top of that it has a favorable effect on the skin, it's perfect for massage, exfoliating, and cleansing. 

The konjac plant is known in Japan as a beauty supplement but only recently it took the shape of this magical sponge.

7. Nakiri Knife

Japanese eco-friendly products

Japanese cuisine is among the top cuisines in the world and that's not a coincidence. One of the biggest traits of Japanese chefs is the way they take cooking so seriously and perform it as a kind of ritual. That's why the equipment is also sacred and should be of immaculate quality. 

Japanese cooking ingredients are always perfectly cut and for that purpose, there are dozens of types of knives. Nakiri is te knife for vegetables but don't get fooled - it's so sharp and handy that it ideally works for other products too. It also lasts like forever which makes it a dear friend to the environment.

8. Geta Shoes

Japanese eco-friendly products

Geta shoes are usually associated with geishas but the reality is they're not only for women. There are many different types of geta - casual, modern, high, flat. 

They are made of natural materials and are tough, they are also hip and extravagant, they can even be worn in the winter with socks, it's a trend.

9. Loose Shirt-dress

Japanese eco-friendly products

Japanese contemporary fashion is unique and easily recognizable. Who else will wear a huge loose t-shirt or an asymmetric balloon dress which is somehow buttoned until the chin if not the Japanese women? 

We admire Japanese designs' originality but most of all we admire the willingness to create clothes out of clean, non-toxic, green, and biodegradable fabrics. Smooth and sharp.

 10. Bento Box

Japanese eco-friendly products

Last but not least, here's the bento Japanese jewel. You have seen it in Japanese restaurants but it doesn't only belong there. It's wonderful and healthy to carry your own lunch to work or school and a bento box is a nice way to practice that!

Another awesome feature of the lunch box is its removable separation which allows you to mix and match tasty combinations. A perfect, plastic-free, and eco-friendly way to handle carry out food too.



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Japanese culture is evergreen. I love that dress.

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