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Thanks to the little choices we're making every day, our lifestyle tends to slowly become more sustainable. As we incorporate cleaner and so-called greener substitutes of plastic in our homes and routines, we contribute to the zero-waste massive wave of change but, just for the sake of truth, is this number realistic? Is there such a thing as no waste, zero?

Sadly, it's never really zero, however, this shouldn't discourage you because every positive thing that you do matters. And yet, let's take a closer look at the enemy number one of eco-friendly shopping.

Plastic Packaging 

Plastic-free environment

Whenever you order a product online, it will be delivered to you by mail and shipping requires packaging. For higher cost-effectiveness, most sellers prefer plastic wraps. plastic is cheap and reliable. Most often buyers don't argue about affordable goods and accept whichever packaging they're offered considered that the price stays attractive. 

The truth is, many of us don't take the time to focus on the cover of the products we've ordered, instead, we prefer to get to the content. Sounds reasonable and nevertheless, here are a few options for minimizing the environmental impact of toxic packaging.

 Environmentally Friendly Packaging Alternatives

Plastic-free packaging

Regardless of whether you're a merchant or a consumer, you always have the opportunity to switch to biodegradable packaging

The most common better alternative for plastic packages sent by mail is cardboard. On the contrary, this material takes more space and can increase the transport expenses. Depending on the products, cardboard may or may not be a smarter choice.

Another option is paper or even recycled paper. It might be more expensive but is certainly a zero-waste statement.

Last but not least, you can consider corn starch, also called bioplastic, which is 100% compostable and ideal for the packaging of food.

Find tips for near-zero online shopping here.



Recycling is the magic word for shaking all blame and responsibility off your shoulders. Who would have thought it comes with so many rules and regulations.

There are different types of recycling and recycled materials, as well as places. Sometimes it's not easy to know all the details and prepare for recycling the right way. The best you can do is to get informed about the location of recycling centers for your city and follow the policy for recycling which is applied in your country.

Some useful links to recycling guides:

Get Creative


After casting such a negative light on plastic, we must admit it's not completely useless. It comes in different shapes and it's already manufactured and instead of wasting energy in thinking how to get rid of it, you can actually play with it. 

Various plastic materials, including packaging plastic, can have substantial practical or artistic value. 

If you feel creative and extravagant you might find out there are thousands of possible applications of plastic in art projects - think of clothes, installations, jewelry, and decorations. For the life hackers, on the other side, it's not a secret that you can build plenty of handy ingenious household tools out of plastic leftovers.

In conclusion, any step you choose to make in the name of a cleaner lifestyle is right, especially when it's spiced up with awareness.



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