Know These Five Things About Minimalism before You Start Clutter Busting

Aware Step Minimalism

You've come to the realization that less is more and its time to invite spaciousness in your life. And yet, what's exactly the meaning behind minimalist culture

Often there's some sort of contradiction around giving up your old lifestyle. The minimalism concept might sound like you did a mistake buying all the objects that belong to you but that's not necessary. It’s not about mistakes, it's about changes, the world is transforming and going through different cycles. So after we've explored all the varieties of tools, clothes, furniture, fast-moving consumer goods, mind-blowing gadgets, we, in fact, reached a level where we're not just as thrilled as we used to be. 

Besides, loosing what served you well in the past is not an ascetic move, you only honestly admit that those stuff doesn't make you so happy as before. Essentially, you're stepping on the view that you've overgrown the need to always keep feeding your material desires.

And yet, what are you going to miss? Let's see!

1. Minimalist interior designs are not automatically sterileMinimalism style

Naturally, when you visualize what a minimalist design should be, you imagine white, ultra-clean, and even cold composition. In fact, this is not the rule. While it may appear white is dominant, it's not entirely mandatory - you can create a minimalist design in any color, with the condition you don't combine more than two, three shades which are not contrasting each other. 

Eventually, you can decorate a room with all organic materials and fabrics and use exclusively warm tones, if that's your preference, it will still count as minimalistic. The real philosophy that backs this style demands the elimination of all that is useless and irrelevant. In that sense, it's not stagnant, as it's occasionally misunderstood, quite the opposite -it's a relief for your mind. Think about how much time and effort you will save when you skip selecting from endless choices of curtains!

2. Minimalist personal style is not boring

Aware Step Minimalism Style

No, there's absolutely no need to add more drama to your wardrobe, instead, stay classy! 

Fast fashion is outdated now, we too were once blown by the availability of literally all kinds of avant-garde apparel and accessories but we're now reminded about the brutal truth where do they all end up - in the landfill where they arrive to stay forever. Their affordable production is proportional to the damage they cause to the planet, oh, and let's face it, they don't have a soul and very soon start looking cheap but not in a good way!

Minimalist fashion, on the other hand, is carefully thought of, its stylish without screaming and without needing anything else in addition except you. The lines are straight, sharp, symmetric, or asymmetric, the fabrics are sustainable. This is how minimalist fashion and sustainable fashion happen to be relatives. 

Can you be an original and emancipated minimalist in the way you dress? Yes, indeed, you already are because this trend has been away from the norm since it started existing. There's nothing chicer than taking something well made and plain attire and bring it to life by your unique personality.

3. Minimalism doesn't require you to disregard your belongings

Clutter Free

So you hear about this letting go of objects, clutter, stuff on and on. Don't get fooled, this doesn't mean everything you bought is garbage and you need to stick to only 100 possession in your life. It's just giving you a hint that you don't need to deal 10 000 objects either. 

Having a huge arsenal of things in your home, office, handbag builds up an excess of energy and requires your attention. As a result, you are left with anxiety and chaos. There's a simple solution: stop assigning meaning to your inanimate surroundings, the tools are meant to serve you and not the other way around. 

Let's be honest, more than half of all the stuff you own is there because you were seduced to try it, to see it, to play with it. Well, now that you're over that stage, it's easy to anticipate the next step - you'll be offered new similar stuff, an upgrade, you'll be seduced with a few new features.

Don't allow to be manipulated, you don't have a problem, it's NOT urgent, you will not miss out. If everyone is honest in their job you won't be buying so much but you will learn how to keep, how to take care, how to make, and how to sell the stuff that is no longer resonant to you to someone who needs it more.

There are platforms out there that will facilitate it. Also, minimalism suggests that you cause as minimum harm to Earth as possible leaving close to zero waste after yourself. Then, next time you're shopping, choose long-lasting and natural products that will be just enough. 

4. Minimalist lifestyle doesn't make you rich or poor


Many minimalist enthusiasts say, monetize your apartment, your car, and your furniture and become rich. On the other side, people living without these comforts are seen as poor. Then which one is true?

Obviously, people have different values but the main principle of minimalism is not the material. You can have an extremely high social status and still not be overwhelmed by your material possessions, it's a cultural trait.

For instance, in many contemporary Asian societies, people live in huge modern houses and yet, those homes don't have anything else inside than the most necessary such as beds, chairs, and tables. The reason for this humble arrangements is not that the owners can't afford it, they just prioritize spaciousness and they also spend a lot of time outdoors. When you have a minimalist mentality you become familiar with this and you turn inwards rather than leaning on external comforts.

Alternatively, we're on the rise of the nomad culture, people no longer insist on staying close to their roots because they believe they're citizens of the world. A significant part of this globalization is working while traveling and changing locations on a regular basis. Embracing minimalism while traveling definitely helps for growing, adapting, and staying independent.

5. You don't have to promote minimalism

Minimalism Promotion

If you decided that a dose or two of minimalism will enrich your life, that's great but please don't spoil it by preaching it to others. Be an example rather than the one who's convincing. 

Just as promoting veganism, advocating minimalism may cause an undesired effect. In the end, people get suspicious when someone is explaining to them he lives better than them. 

You're not selling it, it doesn't have to be marketed, if you like it, do it and be a breathing example of the freedom minimalism provides. 

Considering that there are universal tendencies fluctuating through time and space and different people tap into them simultaneously without discussing it with each other, you're probably already a minimalist in one way or another without knowing it! If that's the case, please share your thoughts on the topic!

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Totally agree! Buying more and more stuff just gives you anxiety and in the end it totally distracts you from the important things in life. Instead of spending 5 hours in the mail looking for clothes, go spend some time with your loved ones ♥️🥂

Iva June 15, 2020

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