7 Alternative Outdoor Activities to Try This Summer (Level: Easy)

It's July and the summer is not knocking on the door anymore, it's right here right now! As much as we want to sound lighthearted, it's hard to neglect the fact that many countries are still struggling to harness the number of coronavirus cases. Of course, that means we all need to live with some limitations. The good news, however, is that it's the season of outdoor fun and no one can take this away from us!

We've been thinking about a list of healthy activities to offer to you and there are many options out there. While they're all joyful and inject a fresh dose of serotonin in the body, most of them require certain equipment, fitness, and even sometimes special training. Presumingly that the preparation might turn you off, we decided to bet on what's simple and available but kind of offbeat at the same time.

As a matter of fact, we were hoping you didn't realize you could practice those. Check them out and if you're even more alternative and can add to the list, please let us know!

Back to the Playground

Admit it, you are sometimes slightly jealous when you watch children playing wild and carefree. You might have your own children but it's different than being part of the kids' community, you'll still remain a parent. Unless you become a volunteer player - that's a whole new story!

Yes, there are organizations that encourage adults to go back to school not for learning this time but for participating in various games and competitions. For the summer season, you can accompany groups on sport or leisure camps. Although it sounds like it's more entertaining and beneficial for you than for the children, it actually goes both ways because with the time you develop into a mentor and trainer for your play buddies. 

If you believe, like Friedrich Schiller, that a man is only completely a man when he plays, look up Playworks' programs.



Geocaching is not a new thing anymore but it's equally compelling as before if not even more compelling considering how long it's been around. And it's been around everywhere! This game is probably the most global physical adventure activity in the world. Basically, your goal is to find (via GPS) a little box with a log and a few other items inside, you sign the log, exchange items, and leave the box behind for the next geocacher.

With its trivia and mystery elements, geocaching variations are a magnet for all treasure hunters with some spare time and love of nature. All you need is downloading the original mobile app and you're free to go even though it will definitely help if you're good with orientation.

The largest geocaching platform is geocaching.com but there are other alternatives you are free to test. The best part of this kind of hiking is that it's free and it makes you feel like a champion when you find a cache.

Sheep Trekking


Have you ever felt sorry for not living the ordinary reality of a shepherd wandering through fields free of the burdens of city life stress? Worry no more, you might get the job!

Sheep trekking gains incredible popularity in the UK giving true enthusiasts the chance to take ownership of a domestic animal and get closer to earth. There's an unmistaken serenity coming with this package which reminds us just how far did we move away from our roots; its good to be back occasionally!

Usually, a participant in a sheep trekking group will get to take care of one sheep and the guided walk on marked routes especially for the purpose is part of a larger introduction to farm lifestyle. Hopefully, soon, such activities will be offered in more locations shortening the distance between locals and tourists.

Bushcraft Course


Bushcraft is a skillset of survival essentials. Our next recommendation for this July or any other month is to engage in a bushcraft course. No, we don't think you would ever need it or at least sincerely hope you won't. We're only thrilled with the opportunity to view ourselves as creatures in their natural environment.

Apparently, bushcraft knowledge will exercise your mind and your body, it will also be particularly helpful if you ever plan to join more extreme type of trips in the future. Let's be honest - it will make you a stronger person. And if will, strength, awareness, and quick reactions is what you wish for your family, take your children to a survival course too. Last, but not least, besides building character, bushcraft is plenty of laughter as well.



Isn't that a beautiful word? It contains so much, literally, all the life in the forest. In the dictionary, it's said that forestry is "the science and craft of creating, managing, using, conserving, and repairing forests, woodlands, and associated resources for human and environmental benefits". So first it's a science but second, nevertheless, it's a craft, something to do. And there's so much to do in the forest!

Now with the occupation forestry, you're free of any obligations, just pick what you like. Maybe you love seeing your surroundings neat and tidy, then clean. if you're a fan of birds, feed them. Into gardening? Discover your huge garden. All of these activities are precious learning experiences.



Foodscaping is, as its name suggests, incorporating food into your landscape. Essentially, it's more or less gardening, only with a few bonus benefits. You might want to practice it individually in your private space or join a team and enhance a public property in your community. Whatever you choose, don't forget to extract all the pleasure out of it.

Despite becoming appealing in the last decade, foodscaping is not a contemporary concept, it dates back to Ancient Rome. Supposedly, Romans were familiar with all the virtues of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.



We left the most romantic time for the end - after being in the wild with the sheep, after searching for a treasure, playing, growing plants, and protecting the forest, there's a well-deserved reward for you! Relax, get comfortable, and appreciate this breathtaking view.

For a high definition stargazing session, better position yourself in a quiet and dark natural environment. Check for astronomy/astrology events in advance to be able to witness the most of them and if you're deeper into it, prepare yourself with a binocular or a beginner type of a telescope. For more information about stars, planets, constellations, etc., we advise you to download NIght Sky on your phone.

Regardless of how you choose to spend July, may the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face! On a more practical note, stay safe and always be ready with your travel and hiking gear

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